How To Choose A Drupal Agency For Your Project?

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS worldwide. It is known for its stability and high extensions possibilities. Do you have a Drupal-based platform, or maybe you plan to build it up? Thus, you should check what criteria the Drupal agency should fulfill. Find out under which circumstances you should turn to the Drupal experts, and what are the possible costs of such cooperation.

How to choose Drupal Agency?

When Will The Drupal Agency Be Helpful?

Although Drupal is a free-of-charge CMS, it is a stable and extraordinarily flexible solution. Many reputable institutions, e.g., the Australian government, Harvard and Oxford universities, or even Twitter, have used it for many years. More than 1000 companies worldwide offer Drupal-related services. There are freelance developers, trainers, development agencies, hosting providers, or online payment suppliers. If you want to set up the highly professional Drupal-based solution, you will need the Drupal agency support. Thanks to that, you will find a bunch of competencies and services in one place, and at once, you will be assured of the premium quality development.

Using Drupal, you have nearly unlimited development possibilities. Thus, even when you already have the platform, all you need is a complex support and maintenance services. Under which circumstances Drupal agency help is the right choice? Usually, such a solution is suitable for corporations and large enterprises which need internal communication tools like intranets. Drupal will smoothly manage such solutions as the work evidence system, vacation calendars, contacts base, etc. It is a commonly chosen option in case of events management thanks to the full range of integrations possibilities. Drupal is not only dedicated to websites and apps development – due to the Drupal Commerce module; one can build an extended e-commerce platform or PIM system without obstacles.

What Solution Can Be Build on Drupal?

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Project management systems
  • Intranets
  • Websites of any size e.g., for the universities, sports clubs or event agencies
  • Online forums and social platforms

Drupal development agency can create a brand-new website or may help in the functionalities development for the already existing projects. Furthermore, Drupal software house deals with technical support and provide multiple services regarding those issues.

Checking The Drupal Agency – Crucial Areas

There are plenty of companies that claim they are Drupal experts. Thus, you must know how to verify their credibility and don’t put the money down the drain. First of all, check their portfolio and recent deployments. What more can you do?

What Criteria The Drupal Development Agency Should Fulfill?

The specialization

Check the agency’s specialty. Is Drupal their core technology or just the addition to the stack? Verify their specialists - the experience, certificates. Check the expertise via their Drupal – related publications – dedicated blog, e-books, webinars, courses.

The scope of services

Carefully analyze the Drupal agency offer – check the range of services, how complex they are. Is Drupal development the prime activity? Then, you are in the right place. Check, if the company ensures the post-implementation support and maintenance, and what is the priority and UVP of the particular agency - how it can stand out of its competitors.


Assess the Drupal agency portfolio. Put the strain on the scope of the project and the budgets. Verify the customers' opinions either on platforms for professionals like Clutch or social media channels.

Using the following criteria, pick a few agencies that made the best impression on you. Prepare the brief and contact them. This step is equally vital s the previous ones. You can now check the company's customer service – the response time, customer-oriented attitude (or its lack). All of those factors influence the company's assessment and your final decision.

How Much Do The Drupal Agency Services Cost?

Some of the entrepreneurs decide on cooperation with freelancers, mostly due to the available budget. Many think that one specialist will charge you with a lower rate than the Drupal development agency does. Not necessarily. The Drupal agency can be a cheaper option, mostly due to the possessed skills and competences. Its estimate can be lower because the experienced developers on board don’t need so much time as the less experienced freelancer. 

So, what are the costs of Drupal agency services? The prices range between several to over a dozen thousand dollars. It all depends on the scope of the realization, a number of customized functionalities, and the overall level of the project’s difficulty. It is recommended to ask for the personalized estimate, not the ready-made prices of the available packages. Remember that Drupal is a scalable system – you can add any module in the future. Thus, you can stagger the costs, and develop the project is a few stages.

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Drupal is a flexible system that can be used in various projects. Such elasticity can give you a real headache. That is why it is worth to discuss all of the possibilities with the Drupal development agency. The experts will advise you on the technical issues, and present the latest solutions that suit your business. It is crucial to choose the agency that has appropriate competences and people on board, but the one that is open-minded and customer-oriented. The smooth flow of information will be the best base for fruitful cooperation.

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