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CMS Comparison: Drupal vs. Joomla

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Drupal and Joomla are one of the best content management systems that provide high modification possibilities. Both are the Open Source software that can be configured on almost every server. However, each of them has different functionalities and is dedicated to diversified projects.

Check the Drupal vs. Joomla comparison, and suit the CMS to the specificity of your business.

Drupal vs Joomla - comparison

Well-know Joomla

Joomla places at the top of the most frequently used CMS worldwide. It is continuously developed and used by thousands of companies and private entities each day. Joomla is a PHP-based system that enables the creation of diversified websites. It provides comprehensive control possibilities upon the website. Even users without programming knowledge, including an HTML basis, can freely manage Joomla-based project. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that enables the publication of different content types – graphics, videos, texts. One can manage the website from any browser. The admin panel is available in multiple language versions.

Niche Drupal

Drupal is a comprehensive CMS, appreciated by the programmers, not so popular as Joomla among less experienced users. Thanks to its wide scope of functionalities, Drupal looks more like a platform for developers who possess adequate skills to install and manage it. However, dozens of well-recognized brands have been using Drupal for many years. Users acknowledge the system’s extended but highly intuitive admin panel variety of plugins, and broad content management options.

Drupal vs. Joomla Comparison – Key Features

Let us compare those systems, taking into account their functionalities, security, configuration possibilities, and management options.

Drupal vs. Joomla – Security

In both cases, all security gaps are rapidly identified and neutralized. Drupal and Joomla are well-secured by default. To extend the security level, one can install additional plugins or modules. If the updates are executed regularly, and the admin panels are protected with strong passwords, nobody should be worried about Drupal or Joomla website safety.

Drupal vs. Joomla – Functionalities

Either Drupal or Joomla provides a variety of modules. Joomla offers +8 000 plugins that increase the website’s functionalities. On the other hand, Drupal has more than 40 thousand of additional modules. Both systems provide high configuration possibilities at the start of the project or during its lifetime. Experienced developers should not have any obstacles in plugins or modules installation. However, when taking into account the variety of options solely, Drupal wins.

Drupal vs. Joomla – Management

Joomla is easier to use. Drupal is dedicated to users who know HTML even on the basic level. Joomla has a complex, intuitive admin panel and provides short descriptions of available functions. To facilitate the user’s navigation, after hovering the cursor, the description displays. On the contrary, Drupal possesses even more advanced management options and extraordinary settings than Joomla. The question is if all of them are necessary for you.

Drupal vs. Joomla – Development Possibilities

Both systems can serve as the basis for almost all websites. There are thousands of ready-made themes for them that can be used for different kinds of projects. Drupal, so as Joomla, enable e-commerce development, simple or extended website creation – they are fully configurable.

Drupal or Joomla – Projects

As one of the most popular CMSes worldwide, Drupal and Joomla are used by various companies, institutions, and organizations as the website engines. Beneath, you can find a few well-known examples.

Drupal-based websites

The best university in the world – Harvard has a Drupal-based website.

Harvard's website on Drupal

The European Commission's website on Drupal:

European Commission's website on Drupal

Joomla-based websites

Peugeot’s website is based on Joomla.

Peugeot's website on Joomla

Linux website uses Joomla too.

Linux website on Joomla

Drupal or Joomla?

Which CMS is better? Joomla is a popular, easy-to-use solution that has quite a lot of additional functions and plugins. It offers high efficiency and SEO-friendliness. It fits almost all projects. Drupal is the right choice for websites that deal with huge traffic each day. It is even more efficient than Joomla. What distinguishes Drupal is its extraordinary scalability and versatility, so as a variety of ready-made modules. However, its deployment demands specific skills. Thus, it is just in point solution for corporations and large enterprises.

So Drupal or Joomla? For beginners – Joomla, for extended websites – Drupal. Both systems can be developed and reconfigured to the business needs. None of them is better or worse. It is just a matter of the target group and the scope of projects.

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