Support & Maintenance Services

We support and develop existing websites, shops and web applications
  • We have over 10 years of experience in Open Source technologies
  • We maintain and support existing websites
  • We propose 3 collaboration models

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Support and Maintenance Services

Most technical support activities, including the support and maintenance of websites, e-commerce platforms, and apps, can be contracted out to third parties – external companies or freelancers. It is commonly called IT outsourcing. Instead of internal team building or DIY, you can contract some or all IT processes to a professional programming agency. Such cooperation covers diversified IT services and is useful in a short- and long-term perspective.

Support and Maintenance services at Smartbees are based on three cooperation models. In all cases, the communication takes place via the JIRA reporting system, where we manage all tasks. At the end of the month, we prepare a report on the performed work, which you review and accept. 

We offer service and technical support for websites, stores and applications based on Drupal, Magento or WordPress systems. We work both on solutions that were created by us and those made by others.

We offer three cooperation models:

  • the first one is based on a subscription model in which we offer a package of hours for use by the client each month,
  • the second model is the purchase of a one-time package of specialists’ working hours,
  • the third one is based on time and materials settlement, where the client purchases single hours of specialists’ work.
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For over 10 years, we have served hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, start-ups, local governments and corporations. Many of them still use our technical support services for websites, city portals, e-learning platforms, forums, e-commerce and web applications, regardless of whether we were the contractor of the project. 

We are characterized by speed, accuracy and comprehensive attention to customer’s needs. If the project requires a thorough reconstruction, we can develop and present the changes that the client should implement. We first introduce all changes to the test server and, after the client’s approval, to the production environment.

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