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Magento is a highly versatile, scalable and extensive platform for developing online stores of practically any size. 

With Magento, you can set up your shop in a way that optimizes conversions and leads to better sales. Magento has its own internal analytical system, which will help you optimize your website and countless integrations with outside services can automate the sales and marketing operations. 

Moreover, Magento is SEO-friendly, module-based and open-source, which means you’ll save money and time on getting your business online, fully functional and well-stocked with potential customers.


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Open Source

Magento is completely free to use and modify. There are no licensing or hidden fees. You can also install it on your server so you will be sure of platforms’ security. Those are  the reasons why our Magento website development company decided to specialize in this platform and discover its versatile functionalities.

Scalability and efficiency

From the ground up, Magento is built for scale. The unique architecture of Magento is the reason why it can perform well in small and large online sales platforms, without any performance degradation. The key to successful scaling is strict adherence to Magento coding guidelines.


As an online sales platform, Magento takes security seriously. The open-source project is being constantly audited, developed and improved by a worldwide community of security experts and Magento web developers. Moreover, the platform includes numerous security-enhancing plugins to choose from.

Functionality out of the box

Magento delivers a giant amount of functionalities which work right out of the box. You’ll save money and time as you can focus on your business, rather than developing the basics.


Magento stands out in the background of its competitors with extended search optimization possibilities. Some of them are built in and some can be added by modules.

Dedicated to online sales

Magento is a project built with e-commerce and online sales in mind. From the way it presents products to its back-end administration, everything is designed with the goal of online shopping in mind.


Magento handles multiple language sites exceptionally well. For example, you can create not just different language pages, but completely different layouts for each language! This versatility of Magento e-commerce development possibilities is the primary reason why it's trusted to power online shops of brands such as Land Rover, Christian Louboutin or OM System.

Compatibility and integrations

Due to its success and market dominance, numerous plugins and external integrations are constantly being developed for Magento. This makes Magento one of the most versatile platforms for e-commerce. Additionally, the open-source nature of the project allows any Magento web developer to integrate the platform with their systems or to add functionality.


Start small and let Magento grow with you. Thanks to its extensive elasticity, you can personalize Magento to strictly meet your business needs.

Intuitive interface

Extended, but easy to manage. That’s the Magento admin panel in a nutshell. Thus, any content editor or admin with no PHP knowledge should manage it without obstacles.

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As a Magento website development company, we’ve been building Magento-based e-commerce sites and sales platforms since 2014. We realize that our work contributes to the success of our Partners and Clients. Our goal is to provide high-quality, standards-compliant code, deliver exceptional project transparency and always prepare projects on or ahead of time.

Why Smartbees?

  1. A dedicated Customer Care Manager will be assigned to your project.
  2. We offer full transparency at every stage of the project.
  3. Regardless of the size, all projects are meticulously tested and verified before delivery.
  4. We are highly flexible in our methods of communication with the Clients.
  5. We offer flexible methods of cooperation in terms of Magento e-commerce development.
  6. We utilize proven, open-source solutions that work.
  7. Additional help and support are always available.

In Smartbees, we provide Magento support services for projects built on both – Magento 1 and Magento 2. However, for the newly-developed platforms, we recommend the Magento 2.x version due to the official end of support for Magento 1 in June 2020. For Magento 1-based platforms, our Magento website development company offers migration to the updated 2.x version, new functionalities creation, integrations with external systems, or comprehensive support services.

For the Magento 2-based platforms we provide:

  • e-commerce platform development in one or multilingual version,
  • personalized modules creation,
  • integrations with external systems,
  • maintenance of existing solutions and post-implementation support.

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Magento Web Development FAQ

If you are still considering using the help of specialists for tasks related to Magento, take a look at the frequently asked questions. If you have more questions and doubts, feel free to reach out to us.

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How much does the Magento store development cost?

The final price may vary depending on different factors – the scope of realization and the project’s functionalities, e.g., the graphical layout, product types, integrations, or the number of multilingual versions. Thus, our Magento web developers prepare each estimate individually.

How long does the Magento store development take?

The Magento development time depends on multiple factors such as the number of views, integrations, or dedicated modules. However, usually, the whole process lasts a couple of weeks since the development works officially begin.

How long does the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration take?

Due to the significant structural differences between both platform versions, Magento migration is a multistage process, which demands, e.g., new graphical layout implementation. Thus, the whole process takes a few weeks, depending on the project’s complexity.

Do you offer post-implementation support?

Yes, our offer covers diversified support and maintenance packages for Magento-based projects. We provide top-class support either for small and medium-sized e-commerce or highly extended sales platforms.

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