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Migration of the Swiss online store selling women’s clothes and accessories

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Magento migration




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Scope of work

E-commerce development, graphic design, Magento migration

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Back-end improvements
  • New graphic design

About the Client

Strumpf Boutique is a modern online store from Switzerland that sells high-quality tights, stockings, and underwear. The clients can choose between a wide range of assortment – from classic models to more modern, patterned ones. 

Strumpf Boutique contacted us to migrate their Magento 1-based store to Magento 2.x. One of the main reasons why the brand decided to migrate was a problem with managing the back-end. Moreover, using the Magento 1 version, officially unsupported by Adobe, exposed the store to serious security problems resulting from, for example, the lack of official patches. 

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Our goal was the improvement of the store’s performance and its back-end. We also wanted to increase the website’s security so that neither store customers nor administrators would have to worry about possible data leaks. To achieve this, it was necessary to migrate the store to Magento 2.

The project's goal
Background element

As part of the migration, we transferred all data from the previous store, including information about customers, orders, products, categories, and configuration data (e.g. information about taxes or language version configurations.) What else? 

  • We wrote several custom modules from scratch, 
  • we created a graphic design for the new store and implemented it on the platform,
  • we introduced additional changes to improve the store’s functionality from the user’s perspective.
Integration with PostFinance

Integration with PostFinance

Strumpf Boutique leads sales primarily in Switzerland. Thus, we integrated the online store with one of the most popular payment systems in this country – PostFinance. As a result, users can quickly finalize the transactions using the most convenient payment method.

Integration with Intrum API

Integration with Intrum API

Integration with Intrum allows checking if the user, who wants to finalize the transaction, is in a debtors’ ledger. Based on the given personal data, the tool verifies the user. It sets him an appropriate status. Depending on the outcome, the payment methods available for this user display, e.g., deferred payment. Module’s modification to suit the One Step Checkout option was the main challenge for our development team.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout

We implemented the One Step Checkout to maximally shorten and ease the purchase process. All the steps are visible within one page. As a result, the user can see the entire process and know whether he filled in all the obligatory data or not.

The invoice system

The invoice system

We implemented the invoices system, which generates different invoices depending on the chosen payment method. Then, the program automatically sends it to the customer.

We successfully migrated our client’s online store

We improved the website’s performance thanks to several custom solutions. The clients can easily place orders and administrators can manage the assortment. What effects did we achieve?

The Effects
  1. The latest, fully-supported Magento 2 version.

  2. Maintaining all essential data from the previous Magento 1 online store.

  3. Intuitive and transparent admin panel.

  4. New graphic layout in line with the brand’s visual identification.

  5. Front-end builder, which eases the home page management.

  6. One Step Checkout adjusted to the Swiss e-commerce market conditions.


specialists worked on the project: 3 Developers, a Project Manager, and a Graphic Designer

+ 10

custom modules created


language versions – German and English

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