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E-commerce Platforms – the Basis of Online Sales

The future of sales is online. That’s why we develop modern, fast, and vastly integrated online sales platforms that aim to help you achieve better business results.

Our e-commerce solutions are:

  • ergonomic and attractive for users,
  • easy to maintain and administrate,
  • highly automated, especially in terms of data and inventory management,
  • vastly integrated, especially with CRM, logistics, inventory, and online payment systems,
  • optimized in terms of mobile payment methods (PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers),
  • logically structured and easy to learn,
  • secure for admins and users,
  • scalable, able to serve anyone from a small business to a large enterprise,
  • based on reliable, currently-developed technologies with a roadmap for future upgrades and functionality expansions.

E-commerce Development Services - Our Competencies

E-commerce Web Solutions That We Use

Running a business online requires much more than just having a website. The modern customer expects 24/7 availability, features such as order and delivery notifications, post-sale warranty support and service. This is why we develop highly scalable and integrated online sales platforms, which meet and exceed these expectations.

Our e-commerce platforms support:

  • chatbots, communicators, and messengers for delivering the best customer service experience
  • integrations with the latest online and mobile payment platforms, to provide the most convenient purchase experience
  • text message (SMS) notifications for providing dual-authentication verification order updates
  • highly automated warranty and RMA systems, to deliver exceptional post-sale experience

E-commerce Platforms Integrations

We have integrated our applications with numerous external platforms, from mobile payment systems to inventory management systems, logistics platforms, and delivery services.

Recent integrations include:

  • payment operators – Tpay, Dotpay, PayU, PayPal, Bitcoins Inpay,
  • courier shipments – DHL, DPD,
  • logistics – Comarch ERP XL, Baselinker, SMSAPI.
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We work on proven Open Source technologies so that our clients don’t need to worry about the subscription costs. See our TOP 3 platforms used to create scalable e-commerce stores tailored to customer needs.

Our e-commerce implementations include custom functions that expand the functionality of your platform. These include for example custom modules for Drupal or Magento and integrations with internal and external supporting systems:

  • sales channels,
  • marketing platforms,
  • logistics platforms,
  • inventory management,
  • billing,
  • support channels,
  • and more.
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