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The implementation of an online store with professional beauty products

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Magento migration




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Scope of work

E-commerce development, Magento migration, SEO

Reforma - about the project
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Purchasing process facilitation by implementing one-step checkout
  • Integration with Baselinker
  • Self-made parcel status notification system

About the Client

Reforma offers all the necessary accessories to create a perfect manicure, pedicure, eyelash styling, and hair care. It is a paradise for all beauty enthusiasts looking for professional products for the salon, or private use.

We have cooperated with Reforma for a couple of years, providing technical support and development for the store’s previous version on Magento 1. With time, the platform couldn’t meet the needs of the growing business.

The main challenge the brand faced was introducing changes – each of them required programmers’ intervention. Moreover, the Magento 1-based store did not allow the admins to manage the website’s main elements from the administration panel which significantly hindered development work. Additionally, Adobe ended the official support for Magento 1 in June 2020.

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Seeing the problems Reforma was struggling with and, above all, due to the end of Magento 1 support, we suggested migrating the store as quickly as possible.

Reforma - the project's goal
Background element

Reforma had a positive experience with Magento. That is why they have decided to build a new platform on this CMS (using the latest version). We have conducted Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. The process required for example:

  • implementing new graphic design,
  • creating custom modules from scratch,
  • migrating data from the previous system version.

This solution allows Reforma to enjoy fully functional and safe e-commerce in a new version without losing any important functions. 

Shipment system

Integration with the Shipment System

Baselinker is responsible for order and shipment management in the new Reforma store. Magento then downloads the packages' details from Baselinker and assigns them to the appropriate orders. As a result, the customer can see and track the shipping number. What is more, the system sends a personalized e-mail to the customer with the package tracking number.

Non-standard notifications

Non-standard Notifications

We have developed a self-made e-mail notification system that helps in order management. Since the online store operates in foreign markets, the notifications are sent to the specialists dealing with orders from a particular country. The messages contain details regarding products or customer preferences related to the order, payment, or delivery methods.

One-step checkout

One-Step Checkout

We have implemented the one-step checkout to facilitate the purchase process. The idea assumes that the customer can fill in all the order details (e.g., home address, delivery method, payment method, discount code) and finalize the transaction within one page.



Reforma put a strain on both user- and search engine-friendliness. Thus, we have paid special attention to the Magento 1 SEO migration. It includes e.g. redirects, setting appropriate URL structures, or meta tags implementation.

The client has obtained a refreshed store version and additional functions

Work on the project included more aspects than just migration. Here are the effects we achieved:

Reforma - the effects
  1. The newest Magento 2 version.

  2. Migrating all essential data from the previous online store.

  3. Extended yet intuitive admin panel.

  4. Website management using front-end builder.

  5. Personalized functions that boost customer service and marketing activities.

  6. Promotion blocks that facilitate an effective offer presentation.

  7. Extended analytical tools.


custom Magento modules


team members: 3 Magento Developers and a Project Manager


language versions implemented

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