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Migration of the store that sells high-quality blinds, roller blinds, and accessories

Project type

Magento migration


Interior design


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Scope of work

E-commerce development, product configurator, Magento migration

Lotari - about the project
  • The Magento 1 system was not sufficient
  • The end of official Magento 1 support
  • Old-fashioned graphic design
  • Limited possibilities for further development

About the Client

Lotari is a Polish company that offers high-quality products: blinds, roller blinds, wallpapers, and more. Moreover, the brand also sells original interior accessories, such as posters or frames, which complement the home arrangement.

Lotari has been using a Magento 1-based website for a couple of years. However, with time, the software couldn’t meet the client’s needs and required refreshing. 

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The client wanted a scalable, secure system that would keep up with the introduction of new products and improvements. The goal was to fit the store into current trends and maintain a timeless color scheme. Due to the addition of product personalization to the offer, the client expected the existing configurator to be refreshed as well.

Lotari - the goal
Background element

Lotari was satisfied with the Magento platform. Thus, the company wanted to continue working on it. To make that possible, a Magento upgrade from version 1 to actively supported v. 2.x was necessary.

Due to vast differences in Magento 1 and 2 structure, the migration is not a typical upgrade like in many platforms. It resembles an e-commerce development from scratch. The process requires, e.g., adjusting the theme or rewriting modules incompatible with M2.

Lotari migration required a lot of work due to the numerous custom modules and functions included in Magento 1. Moreover, we were responsible for the new graphic design and its implementation, now showing the brand’s modern character and enabling intuitive navigation through the website.

Related products gallery

Related Products Gallery

“Inspiration gallery” enables product promotion. In this place, customers can see product visualizations. This solution can encourage them to buy products.

Extended menu

Extended Menu

The second-level menu was designed with the users in mind. Our developers added a search engine, file upload option, and categories sneak peeks making the menu more attractive to potential customers.

ERP integration

ERP Integration

Lotari uses a personalized ERP system that downloads and processes around 1 million product prices. Our team prepared a custom module that enables Magento 2 integration with ERP.

Adobe Stock integration

Adobe Stock Integration

Thanks to that integration, customers can choose between millions of high-quality graphics in the Adobe Stock catalog to print.

Product configurator

Product Configurator

Lotari has already used the product configurator on the Magento 1-based online store. Our team modernized the obsolete solution so that it enables better product personalization. The new configurator allows for:

  • putting photos on blinds, pillows, pictures, and wallpapers prints;
  • adding effects (alignment, reflection, pattern duplication);
  • selecting product size;
  • choosing fabric and accessories.
Thumbnail generator

Thumbnail generator

We wrote a custom module that generates print visualization on a particular product. Thanks to that, customers can see an illustrative view of the product before the purchase.

Custom solutions made the shop as streamlined as possible

Lotari customers can now enjoy the new website layout and facilitated purchase process while administrators can safely introduce further improvements. The main changes we introduced were:

Lotari - the effects
  1. Actively supported Magento 2 version.

  2. Keeping all essential data from Magento 1 thanks to data migration.

  3. Top security – access to official updates and Adobe’s security patches.

  4. The modern graphic layout compliant with the brand’s visual identification.

  5. Simplified content management system adjusted to customer’s needs.

  6. Vast possibilities for further shop development thanks to the highest coding standards.


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written modules


specialists working on the project: 3 Magento Developers, Tech Lead, and a Project Manager

Store migration to Magento 2

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