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PIM platform development




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Scope of work

PIM system development

About project
  • The lack of a centralized panel for fulfilling the orders
  • The complicated process of updating the products
  • Counter-intuitive admin panel
  • The lack of a built-in image management system
  • Separate log in to each website

About the Client

Since 1993, Velo, together with its partners, has created a nationwide chain of over 90 “Dobre Sklepy Rowerowe” stores. It includes over 30 brands and thousands of products useful to every cycling enthusiast.

Mateusz Tomczak

Marketing Specialist / Velo

Smartbees have done a great job building and then operating our sites on Drupal, thereby helping us generate sales. The team can handle a heavy workload, they are easy to get in touch with and nice to work with.

The problem with the websites and the entire system was that each service worked independently. The lack of a centralized place to manage the websites resulted in significant time waste – you had to log in to many systems, even if you were updating the offers of only one seller. 


The lack of ergonomics also meant reduced work efficiency. The counter-intuitive admin panel made the product update process complicated and time-consuming. New hires had to be trained in this process, which should not have required any preparation. Moreover, the lack of a flexible photo management platform meant that simple tasks like updating or reordering photos were overcomplicated and took far too long.

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Our goal was to simplify the back-end and allow the client to manage all websites from one administration panel. We wanted to improve all possible tasks that took a lot of time to complete. In Drupal, however, they require a few clicks.

It is worth noting that websites not only consist of the front layer visible to the customer. A large part of the page is located in the back-end, where employees and managers work every day, updating the content, and offers, responding to messages, or fulfilling orders.

In this case, you should think of the website as a store – there is a “sales room” for the customer, and some of the work is done “in the office”. Lack of ergonomics, poor layout, or other navigation problems can be challenging, although the customer may not notice it at first glance.

The project's goal
Background element

Considering the client’s back-end needs and the fact that they operate in the sales industry, we concluded that we would offer the most automated PIM platform possible. Thanks to it, the client can easily manage his offer and serve customers from various websites at the same time.

Solution Details

Multi-level Access System in One Place

Multi-level Access System in One Place

We have developed a multi-level access system with various authorizations. Unlike the previous solution, the new platform has one central login point for all services that make up the website. 


Our solution is not only a website but also an advanced system responsible for handling orders from many sources, including other customer websites. From now on, delivering content changes to all client’s websites is possible from the main management panel.

Back-End Integrations

Back-End Integrations

We automated everything that was possible to automate :). We have expanded the new, Drupal-based platform with several integrations that optimize many back-end processes:

  • we have implemented text message notifications about orders and registrations;
  • we have integrated the website with DHL courier services to automate the ordering process;
  • we offered our own shipping optimization algorithm to minimize transport costs.

Management of all processes is possible thanks to the integration with Comarch which is responsible for updating warehouse stock.

From a process management point of view, the current platform designed by Smartbees supports several tasks that previously had to be performed manually. It is also worth noting that all the processes occur in real-time, significantly improving work efficiency. 

Comfortable Front-End Thanks to Improved Back-End

Comfortable Front-End Thanks to Improved Back-End

The fact that modules or integrations are created on the back-end side does not mean they have no impact on the front layer and end-user comfort. This is why:

  • we have implemented an advanced discount system that integrates with another Drupal instances;
  • we have added support for products’ SKUto verify individual coupons for the client;
  • we have integrated MultiMerchant DotPay payment support which allows wide access to mobile payments for end users.
Front-End Based on Innovative Technologies

Front-End Based on Innovative Technologies 

Although most of the implemented solutions support the back-end, the front-end has also improved. Our forms for end users are now based on Vue technology. It is also responsible for managing over 80,000 product photos and facilitates offer visualization.

An extensive search engine with many filtering options allows for precisely specifying parameters and obtaining accurate search results while the combination of Vue and React technologies provides an interface that is ergonomic enough to increase the conversion rate.

Improved system is beneficial for the client and the users

When the platform is flexible, comfortable, and well-integrated with other services, using it is effortless. We have created an intuitive and easy-to-use sales management center. What effects did we achieve?

The Effects
  1. We have provided a central product information management system (PIM). It means no more additional logins and copying the same data to several services.

  2. The admin panel has many modules and advanced options but is ergonomic and clear to every back-end user.

  3. An extensive yet easy-to-use panel for managing product photos.

  4. Orders from all websites are now handled in one panel, which increases work efficiency by eliminating checking each channel separately.

  5. Improved order fulfillment thanks to process automation.


custom modules created


products divided into over 70 independently configurable types, managed from one panel


independent data sources: database, API, Drupal instances, and XML files integrated in one place


hours, 7 days a week – our support team has been constantly monitoring the website’s performance


people worked on the project: 4 developers, 2 testers, and a Project Manager


warehouses integrated with the platform


conducted commits

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