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Velo is the well-know supplier of bicycles and their components across Poland

For more than 25 years, Velo along with its partners has created a nationwide network of bicycles shops ,,Dobre Sklepy Rowerowe''.

The issue
Our solution
Realisation in numbers
The results

The issue

why did we establish cooperation?

No centralization

One of the biggest problems was the fact that in reality, there was no convenient, centralized place for business clients to obtain their information. The entire process of communicating information – such as orders, for example – was broken apart into several systems. As such, one system would handle logistics, one would be responsible for invoices, and another – for order information.

The main reason for this state of being was simply the growth which the Client experienced in recent years. When initially designed, the system was nonetheless fragmented, but feasible to use in small business operations. However, the system quickly outgrew its possibilities. Additionally, since the system was not entirely based on open-source and standards-compliant solutions, it was difficult to upgrade or add functionality.

Inefficient user experience

Given that one business process was broken up into several systems, the front-end users – aka business clients - received a very sub-par experience. Different logins and sites were required to accomplish a task, which should have been centralized and automated.


Error-prone back-end

Given that front-end users had a very fragmented experience, its quite easy to infer, that the back-end management was unnecessarily complicated as well. First of all, each employee had to be trained on how to use several systems, thus greatly increasing the onboarding time. Second, as each employee had to access several systems and often import/export data in between them, chances of making a human error were greatly increased.

Our solution

which strategy did we apply?

Given the inefficiencies of the previous, fragmented system, we designed and implemented a multi-levelled, unified system for B2B communications.

First of all, we merged all logins, users and permissions – both internal and external – into a one, centralized location. From this single (yet secure) point of entry, administrators, specific departments and external clients can log in and have a similar experience – thus saving money on support. The administrators can easily add and subtract user roles, modify portal functionality and have a holistic overview of the entire portal and business process – which was not possible before. Additionally, we implemented a secure, auto-login feature for those utilizing the system the most.

Secondly, through several integrations, such as API, database, Drupal instances and XML, as well as 15 dedicated modules, we were able to pull all necessary data into one, logical customer’s panel. The new panel allows the clients to see all their relevant signed documents, auto-generated sales reports and other statistical data in one, convenient location.

Last, but not least, we processed more than 1000 existing user accounts, updated and transferred data relating to more than 30,000 products spread across 200 warehouses, and integrated a monitoring solution to enable efficient data sharing and process automation, wherever possible.


which were used

Given that we used Drupal as a foundation for the previous unifying project for this Client, we chose Drupal for this project as well. However, aside from project-to-project technological compatibility, there were other factors which led us to choose this platform:

  • Drupal allowed us to make an install-free product. As the platform would be accessed by a web interface, no actual installs would be performed on local computers. Moreover, all upgrades to the system will be reflected in all computers automatically.
  • Given that several departments might be involved in completing a task, a well-organized, hierarchical user and permission structure need to be in-place. As a CMS, this feature is intrinsic to Drupal.
  • Since the system would be used both internally and externally, a high degree of security is required. Here Drupal shines in comparison to other popular CMS platforms.

Aside from utilizing Drupal, we utilized MSSQL for database and developed custom-made integrations with Comarch CRM system.

Realisation in numbers

project’s statistics

We developed 15 dedicated Drupal modules, each responsible for a different functionality within the overall system


Converted more than 1000 existing users from different platforms into the new system


integrations with and between API, XML files, databases and between different Drupal instances


Converged and migrated more than 30,000 SKUs spread across 200 warehouses


The results

benefits for our Client

An obvious benefit to any system integration and automation is immediate optimization of work efficiency. And this is precisely what our Client experienced with our all-new software solution.


  • Data sharing makes for error-free environment
  • A unified solution is responsible for decreased costs of employee training and thus shorter employee onboarding time
  • Both employees and customers share the same experience, thus simplifying support and troubleshooting operations

Last, but not least, it’s important to point out that our project for Velo is of open-source nature and strictly standards-compliant. This means that our solution is guaranteed to be hassle-free licensing-wise and easy to upgrade in the future, due to our strict standards-compliance policy.

Our clients

hundreds of real success stories
Mateusz Tomczak
Marketing specialist / VELO

They are good at establishing a strong business relationship with customers.

Tomasz Zbierski
Director of IT / TAI

Smartbees performed a giant experience in Drupal CMS system and helped us to modernize our tender service.

Łukasz Filut
Director of IT / WSB

The partnership approach of Smartbees makes our cooperation an effective and pleasant one. That is why we do not hesitate to contract out new assignments to them.


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