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Smartbees create effective web applications adjusted to a particular business in Laravel – the most popular PHP framework.

What is Laravel?

a few words about framework

Laravel is a highly flexible and functional PHP Framework, based on the Open-Source license. Initially developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel has steadily grown in popularity due to its ease in deployment and incredibly logical structure. Today Laravel is considered one of the best tools for PHP development based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

Laravel’s greatest strengths are

Developer- friendly environment

- Laravel has gained in popularity due to its incredibly logical structure. Without nuisances and complicated structure, development in Laravel, in comparison to other PHP Frameworks, is a breeze. Quick development cycle results in great time savings for the end-Customer.

Support for MVC

- Laravel works well with MVC, which directly translates to a multitude of pre-made functionalities immediately available to developers working on Laravel-based projects. Due to its MVC capabilities, Laravel makes for a perfect framework for creating unique web applications. MVC support also has great advantages in optimizing apps for performance.


- Unlike certain open-source projects, Laravel has some of the most concise and extensive documentation out there. Moreover, the documentation is backed by video tutorials, making trouble-shooting and development a breeze. The less time the developers spend on trying to figure out inner workings, the quicker the project is completed. This significantly cuts down on development time, and hence, overall project cost.

Blade Templating

- Blade Templating is an engine which allows web developers to use predefined templates to write specific codes. The light and dynamic templates allow programmers to save time, which affects the final cost of the created solution. Also, Laravel's support for Blade Templating makes the final website or application light and efficient.


- Laravel has a large number of sophisticated solutions which allow developers to create a wide range of functionalities. Thanks to easy and intuitive management, developers working with Laravel have no major problems with creating highly customized solutions and further integrating them with other applications.

Low costs

- Due to a high number of pre-made functions already available, developers can focus on completing the project, rather than coding each feature by hand. This saves dozens of work-hours per each project, which directly translates to savings for the Client.


- What sets Laravel from other frameworks, apart is the fact, that Laravel has an incredibly responsive security team, which deals with potential problems in nearly real-time. Every potential security issue is tested and verified, and security patches are released almost immediately. Moreover, it’s important to notice that Laravel security and development teams invest a great amount of time in developing proactive measures to combat XSS (Cross Site Scripting), SQL injection, CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) and numerous other attacks.


- Laravel’s code is of the most transparent among other frameworks. You will look for complexity in vain. Due to Laravel’s clear code, its edition is easy, as well as detection of potential pitfalls.

Smartbees is a software development company specializing in Laravel support and development

We have more than 5 years of experience in developing custom-made Laravel-based solutions. Our Team is composed of qualified full-stack developers, project managers and testers, ready to tackle a project of any size.

Why Smartbees?
More than 5 years of experience in web app development
Agile-based project development cycle
Absolute code transparency since day one
Excellent communication: phone, Skype, email, Slack, other means
Dedicated project managers assigned to each project
Proven quality and excellent recommendations from Clients thus far

Success with a limited budget

with Laravel it's possible

Laravel is a great solution for smaller companies or those with a limited project budget. Given the multitude of pre-packed functions and developer-friendly characteristics, Laravel can be used to quickly set up a small project and scale up as needed.

Our expertise

what distinguishes us from others?

We use Laravel to build websites, e-commerce sites and web apps of any size. Additionally, we have extensive experience in designing and integrating Laravel modules with external systems.

Laravel support & maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services for all projects based on the Laravel framework. Whether it's maintaining current systems, providing help-desk operations or performing upgrades, we’re ready to take on the task. We guarantee agreement flexibility to meet your business needs.

Laravel-based apps

Laravel is a highly flexible, secure and easy to integrate framework, which makes it ideal for creating web apps. At Smartbees, we specialize in creating unique, custom-made apps, backed by extensive documentation.

Laravel modules

We create dedicated and standards-compliant solutions, which can easily be integrated into your current business infrastructure. Our goal is to create software which will be easy to use and to manage, at the same time.

Laravel migrations

Sometimes a technology reaches its EOL (end of life) cycle. At that moment, many companies are looking towards replacing their current technology with something newer or more scalable. If you have noticed Laravel’s advantages in the same way we did, we’re happy to walk you through migrating your project to Laravel and setting up every step of the way.

E-commerce solutions

We have extensive experience in developing and setting up online stores and e-commerce solutions that scale on demand. When it comes to e-commerce, choosing Laravel has numerous advantages, such as easy scalability, clear code structure and a wide array of optimizations. Given our experience with Magento, Drupal and other technologies, we are more than happy to leverage our knowledge to integrate Laravel with any technology of your choice.

Our Clients

hundreds of real success stories
Tomasz Zbierski
Director of IT / TAI

Smartbees performed a giant experience in Drupal CMS system and helped us to modernize our tender service.

Łukasz Filut
Director of IT / WSB

The partnership approach of Smartbees makes our cooperation an effective and pleasant one. That is why we do not hesitate to contract out new assignments to them.

Mateusz Tomczak
Marketing specialist / VELO

They are good at establishing a strong business relationship with customers.

Our process

cooperation with Smartbees in 10 steps
Our contact

Whether through email, phone call or the online „project estimate” form, you let us know the scope of the project and your requirements. Timeframe: 3 minutes!

Contact from our sales team
Our contact

During the same working day, we will contact you either via email message or phone call to find out more about your project.

Contact with the sales team

We will prepare and send you the offer. How long does it take? It depends on the size of the project.

Contact with the sales team

If our proposal meets your expectations, we can send it immediately.

Contact with the sales team

We are developing the project in line with your specifications. We will contact you to be assured that we are on the right way to fulfil your needs and turn your ideas into reality.

Contact with the development team

After finishing our development work, we will precisely test the code to be sure that it runs on all cylinders.

Contact with the development team

After the test phase is finished, we will provide you with the comprehensive documentation describing our work and internal functioning of the modules. It would be helpful in the future in case of further updates and development of the project.

Contact with the development team

It is almost done! Now it is the time to deliver the project with appropriate documentation. During this stage, we will either implement the project on your server or help your team in this process- depends on your preferences.

Contact with the development team

After implementation is done, it is always worth to check whether all the functions are just working fine. Certainly, we will execute this for you.

Contact with the development team

Our services are covered with 30-days, free of charge technical support. If you want to prolonge the validity, fell free to contact us.

Contact with the development team


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