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8 Best Drupal Social Media Integration Modules

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Do you want to boost your Drupal website’s performance and reach? Do you want to connect with your potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more? If so, you need to use some powerful modules that can integrate your Drupal website with social media. But which modules are the best for this purpose? What can they do for you and your website? In this article, we will show you the 8 best Drupal social media integration modules and how they can help you grow your online presence.

Integracje Drupala z social media

What are Drupal social media integration modules?

Social media integration modules are tools that let your website talk to social media platforms. By using these modules, you can make your website more engaging and visible. You can also give your visitors helpful features to improve their website experience. Here are some of the things you can do with social media integration modules:

  • User authentication - visitors can use their social media accounts (e.g., Facebook) to log in to your website. It makes it easy and quick for them to access your content and services.
  • Content sharing - visitors can share your content on social media with one click. This can help you promote your website and get more traffic.
  • E-commerce - you can link your website’s e-commerce features with social media platforms. It can let users see and buy your products from social media platforms like Facebook.

Why Drupal integration with social media is good?

You can use Drupal social media modules to connect your website with social media platforms. This can help your website in many ways. Here are main benefits.

1. Better communication

You can use modules to make your Drupal website talk to social media platforms. It can help you communicate with your customers better. You can answer their questions, share your news and updates, and reach more people faster.

2. More customers

You can use modules to link your Drupal website with some social media platforms. If you have website based on Drupal, integrations with social media are needed for reach users widely. This can help you grow your community. Integration can help make users aware of your company and interested in your products/services.

3. Better user experience

You can use modules to add clear social media buttons to your Drupal website. This can make your website look good and easy to use. Integrations like user authentication can also facilitate interactions with your website. It can improve their experience on your website.

Moduły Social Media dla Drupala

8 best social medial integration modules in Drupal

You have seen why it is worth to connect Drupal with social media using modules. Let’s talk about the best Drupal 9 modules for social media sharing that you can also use for Drupal 10. We have tested and used these modules in our own projects and our clients’ projects. If you want to find other extensions, use the Drupal module search.

1. Social API Module

The Social API module helps to use external social services for your Drupal website. You can use it for user authentication, automated content publishing, and other things that need authorization with external services. The module is part of the Drupal Social Initiative and you need it for modules like Social Auth, Social Post, and Social Widgets.

2. Social Auth Module

If you’re looking for effective social media modules, try Social Auth. The plugin allows building modules that let users log in to your Drupal website with external social media services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. This module makes logging in with social media accounts easier. Moreover, it gives you an API that enables gathering data from social networking pages.

3. Social Auth Facebook Module

Another Drupal integration let users register and log in to your Drupal website with their Facebook account. Social Auth Facebook uses the user’s Facebook ID or email address to log in existing users or make new ones, and also links Facebook accounts with authenticated visitors.

4. Social Auth LinkedIn Module

Social Auth LinkedIn works like the Facebook Auth module, but lets users register and log in to your Drupal website with their LinkedIn account.

5. Social Auth Google Module

This module is like the other modules we talked about. It lets users register and log in to your Drupal website with their Google account.

6. Social Auth GitHub Module

This module lets GitHub users log in to a Drupal website with their account on the popular platform for developers.

7. Social Post Module

You need this extension to build modules that can automatically publish content on different social media platforms. Social Post Module gives you an interface where you can set up and customize automatic publishing for each social media platform.

8. Social Post Twitter Module

This module lets you tweet automatically on a user’s account. For example, a company’s Twitter account can welcome new users or share content updates as soon as they happen. You can also use this module to manage many Twitter accounts and change individual messages.

Drupal and Social Media – Common Mistakes

You should avoid basic mistakes while using Drupal modules for social media. Here are a few of them:

  1. Don’t put sharing icons in the header – place them in the footer or at the end of the content, like a blog post, so visitors remember to use them.
  2. Don’t share on platforms where you’re not active - use sharing buttons for platforms where you post regularly.
  3. Don’t forget about loading speed - some social media widgets and functions can make your website slower, so optimize them. Test your page speed with a free tool like Pagespeed Insights after module’s implementation.
  4. Don’t make all content the same - users on different platforms want different things, so change the content you publish for them.
  5. Don’t ignore analytics - use analytics (like tracking how many people click on sharing buttons) to improve your social media promotion.


If you want to connect Drupal with social media, or you are new to it, remember the things we talked about in this article. They can help you make your website better with social media features.

Choose the features and platforms you like carefully. Drupal has modules that can help you use their potential.

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