Drupal Update- Necessity or a Whim?

Drupal is commonly used as a basis for numerous websites. It is also one of the most popular CMS used by bloggers, information services or even government sites. However, are the sites build on Drupal 6 or 7 still safe? What would happen if we didn’t conduct a Drupal update? Where should we report a hacker attack? What are the possible consequences of such actions?

Drupal update

Is Drupal 6 or 7 still safe?

First of all, the main advantage of Drupal is safety and reliability. That is why it is recommended to use it as a basis for universities or public institutions websites. Such units process thousands of personal data of numerous users each day. The whole site, including the admin panel, has to be as safe as possible. And Drupal provides that without hesitation. How does it work? Drupal premium security is a result of constant technology development and regular Drupal updates. Nobody should be afraid of his Drupal-based solution security if all Drupal updates are conducted just in time. Drupal warning system instantly informs site admin about brand-new updates. That is why it is almost impossible to miss the latest enhancements.

How can I identify a hacker attack?

One the most common reason for hacker attack is lack of regular update. Not only Drupal users should pay attention to just in time updates- all content management systems are vulnerable to such attacks. Each website, which treats safety offhandedly, is enormously dangerous for its users. Viruses attack all devices- laptops, phones, tablets, tricking out thousands of classified data.

Answering the question- usually, the first signals of hacker attacks are sent by Google, which visits and crawls billions of websites to protect its users. If you want to visit an infected website, the search engine immediately displays the warning. Moreover, Google sends info regarding a possible hacker attack on the website owner. Of course, the antivirus program will block the visit attempt.

Another sign of hacker attack could be different layout than usual. What is more, service availability issues may occur, so as problems with admin panel login. Furthermore, when the website was hacked, the user may be redirected to another URL address, when he enters the website. All of those tricks make the website owner unconscious about the virus presence. How to prevent such situations? First of all, regularly monitor your website, conduct Drupal updates and use antivirus scanners.

What are the consequences of a hacker attack?

Hacker attack on Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 website is a serious issue and usually, it causes long-term consequences. Most users resign from entering the website when the search engine blocks it and displays the virus alert. Customers may be attacked with inappropriate content, and their devices can be infected then. When Google encounters the issue, it will immediately block Google Ads- as a result, the ads will no longer display. Furthermore, malware will cause website’s drop in organic search- it can destroy years of hard SEO work. Additionally, the problem with obtaining an SSL certificate may appear. All of those, can lead to such negative phenomena as a decline in users amount, and consequently to profits reduction.

What should I do when the virus attacks?

At first, it is recommended to contact your IT specialist or the company that provides IT services for your business. They will undertake a set of necessary actions to remove the malware. Unfortunately, when Drupal update was not conducted recently, the programmer has to come a long way to make the system work properly again. Update of obsolete modules may cause another issue for the website. Above all, lack of Drupal updates cause security issues and a lot of setbacks may arise.

Make Drupal update ASAP

Remember that Drupal 6 is no longer supported, and the support for Drupal 7 and 8 will have been completed by November 2021. If you work on Drupal 7, don't worry- you still have some time to update. However, it is worth to plan it, because migration from version 7 to 8 demands a lot of changes in code. The good news is that Drupal update from version 8 will not demand site rebuilding and the whole migration will look more like a small update. If it still not convince you about the necessity of migration, take due care of website monitoring. Check its responsiveness and SEO friendliness. Provide high-quality, updated content and remember about regular security controls.

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Plugins and system updates may protect the website against unpleasant events like hacker attacks. To make the system work properly, it is necessary to update it regularly. The drupal update enables to maintain the highest quality of components and all the other functionalities.

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