Who Uses Drupal? 10 Famous Drupal Websites

Tesla, Oxford, and NASA – what do they have in common? The official websites of those companies and institutions were built on Drupal CMS. Find out more details about popular sites using Drupal.

Famous Drupal sites

Drupal Websites in The World – Statistics

Drupal is one the most popular CMS worldwide, especially among extended websites with high daily traffic. Then, how many sites use Drupal? According to the BuiltWith service, 12,8% among the top 10k sites on the internet are built on Drupal. It gives the second-best result, just after WordPress. The same situation relates to the top 100k sites (8% of websites) and top 1 million sites (3,46% of websites).

It is worth mentioning that Drupal is particularly famous in some countries – it is the second most popular Open Source system in Belgium and 5th in Poland. Drupal 7 is still the most commonly used CMS version; however, there is an increasing trend in upgrading Drupal 7 to 8.x and 9.x versions worldwide.

Why Do Companies Bet on Drupal?

Even though Drupal is not the most famous content management system globally, large enterprises, institutions, and corporations appreciate its key advantages. The biggest Drupal sites rely on CMS's high-security level. Drupal is known as one of the most secure Open Source CMS worldwide. Moreover, it gives vast flexibility to developers. The Drupal core provides the basics for a simple website launch. Any additional functionalities can be installed using modules – free, paid, or dedicated ones. Thus, companies using Drupal can build a simple website, extended e-commerce, corporate portal, or online magazine. Furthermore, you can use Drupal solely for the project's back-end in the headless formula.

When talking about Drupal functionalities, there is no possibility to pass by its high scalability and efficiency. As the CMS and Symfony framework combination, Drupal stands out from the competition, offering enormous development possibilities within one ecosystem. What is more, websites built with Drupal can take advantage of the extended community support which works on CMS's constant improvements.

Top 10 Drupal Websites Worldwide

Knowing more about Drupal popularity and critical advantages, it is high time to find out what companies use the CMS. Take a look at our best Drupal websites list.

1. Tesla

Tesla is one of the most commonly known automotive companies specializing in electric car production, led by Elon Musk. Elegant, transparent, and interactive – that is how we can describe Tesla’s official website in brief. It is based on Drupal 8 and makes a massive impression on the users thanks to various animations and videos.

Tesla's website on Drupal

2. Nokia

Who else uses Drupal? For example, Nokia – one of the biggest mobile phone producers on a global scale. The brand’s official website uses Drupal 8 as a project basis. It is meant for business and individual customers presenting, e.g., latest news and available products.

Nokia's website on Drupal

3. The European Commission

Drupal is a perfect CMS for public institutions which demand high security and stability. It is not a surprise that the executive body of the EU – The European Commission, has been using Drupal for many years. Its multilingual website is highly extended – it presents all the information regarding the activity and policy of The European Commission. At once, it provides user-friendly navigation and well-structured content.

The European Commission's website on Drupal

4. The City of London

Among Drupal websites examples, we can find thousands of projects for cities, municipals, states, or even governments. One of them is The City of London website. It is an example, how public institutions can take advantage of Drupal functionalities. Thanks to the website, the city can regularly post updates, news or even asks its citizens for opinions in multiple surveys.

The City of London's website on Drupal

5. Oxford University

Drupal is the first choice for dozens of educational institutions. Thanks to scalability, top-class security, and high efficiency even in seasonal traffic boost periods, Drupal is a well-suited solution for universities. The best confirmation of this thesis is Oxford University which has been using Drupal as a basis of its official website for many years.

The Oxford University's website on Drupal

6. UNICEF Innovation Fund

The UNICEF Innovation Fund provides financial support for emerging projects that can influence children's well-being globally. Its latest Drupal 8 based website characterizes by a simple but modern design and plays an informative function.

UNICEF's website on Drupal

7. Wish

Wish is a global e-commerce platform which popularity is sharply increasing recently. Besides the marketplace, the company has an investor relations platform that enables a smooth flow of information between Wish and its investors. This website is based on Drupal 8.

Wish's website on Drupal

8. Rainforest Alliance

It is an international, non-profit organization focused on natural environment protection by promoting sustainable production and responsible business activity. The organization’s Drupal 8 based website is a giant source of knowledge about its actions on a global scale.

The Rainforest Alliance's website on Drupal

9. Grammy

Every music freak knows Grammy – one of the most prestigious music awards worldwide. The official Grammy’s Awards website is based on the older but still supported Drupal 7 version.

Grammy's website on Drupal

10. NASA

NASA online portal also belongs to Drupal websites – it is based on Drupal 7. The website provides plenty of helpful content to its reader and constitutes a comprehensive news and knowledge hub.

NASA's website on Drupal

Best Drupal Sites – Summary

As you can see, big companies and corporations use Drupal, so as many public and non-government institutions. It is just a tiny piece of famous Drupal sites; however, it shows how flexible the system is. Such extended possibilities make Drupal a universal solution that can be implemented in almost all business types.

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