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How much does it cost to implement Magento?

This all depends on the size and scope of the project, such as functionality, graphics, and integrations.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Graphics: will your project feature basic graphics, or require graphical effects? If so, consider the number of dedicated graphic designs needed for your project.
  • Responsive design: do you prefer a responsive website, which will automatically adjust to the device of the user, or a unique website tailored towards each mobile device type?
  • Dynamic elements: do you need product filters or a shopping cart which does not require reloading of the page when an item is added?
  • Functionality: will your store use gift cards? Will you have promotional items on your store?
  • Type of products sold: will you have simple, box-item products, or products requiring configuration and customization by the client?
  • Migrations: do you currently have an online store? If so, what are your options for migration? Do you have a migration utility, or will you be migrating your store by a CSV file?
  • Intergrations: consider the total number of external service integrations, such as PayPal, PayU, DPD, Comarch, iFirma and others.
  • Multi-language: consider how many languages your project will support, as well as the number of currencies your online store will be processing.

These are just a few things to consider. Of course, we treat each project individually, so prices are always specific per-project. A base Magento project at Smartbees starts at 3000 USD.