E-commerce Web Development Services

We create e-commerce platforms perfectly suited to our Customers needs

Our platforms aim to automate business processes as much as possible and support sales through an attractive presentation and advanced functionality.

E-commerce web solutions

what stands behind our projects?

The future of sales is online. That’s why we develop modern, fast and vastly-integrated online sales platforms, aimed at helping you achieve better business results.

Our e-commerce solutions are:

  • ergonomic and attractive for the users
  • easy in maintenance and administration
  • highly automated, especially in terms of data and inventory management
  • GDPR compliant
  • vastly-integrated, especially with CRM, logistics, inventory and online payment systems
  • offering latest in mobile payment methods (PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers)
  • logically structured and easy-to-learn
  • highly secured and based on latest technologies
  • scalable, able to serve anyone from a small business to a large enterprise
  • based on reliable, currently-developed technologies with roadmap for future upgrades and functionality expansion

E-commerce development services

our areas of expertise
E-commerce development services

Our e-commerce sites are carefully engineered to provide optimal customer experience and sales results. The customer-facing websites are convenient and easy-to-use, while the back-end systems help sales managers and specialists perform their duties with a few simple clicks.

B2B platforms

We create dedicated solutions for integrating business processes within a company. By integrating external and own systems, we provide a fully functioning ecosystem: from placing an order to its processing and sending the product. Our e-commerce web development solutions are based on a modular architecture, thanks to which we provide the Customer with an application which is fully flexible and open for future development.

SEO audits

Do you already have an e-commerce site and are wondering about falling search engine traffic? We’ll examine your site for code optimization and standardization, proper rendering and SEO-enhancing practices. We’ll send you a transparent report, point out where improvements are needed and can implement these changes for you if you wish.

Maintenance & Support

We offer not only e-commerce development services, but also comprehensive maintenance and support for existing e-commerce sites. Upgrades, updates, additional functionality – we take care of it all.

Product catalogs and directories

Getting the right product in front of the customer just in time. We create product catalogues and extensible configurators to present your offer in a way that will appeal to the individual needs of each customer. An additional call to action buttons and contact forms help you make the sale, quicker.

Custom modules

We create unique, custom-made solutions to help your business prosper online. Whether its product configuration wizards, bonus systems, loyalty programs, gamification or more – we’ll turn your ideas into a fully-functioning system.


We’ll integrate your existing site with additional back-end systems for increased sales efficiency and marketing process automation.

Experience in e-commerce development solutions

built on numerous projects

Women’s fashion and accessories store built on the newest Magento version.

E-commerce web solutions

what we can add to your project?

Running a business online requires much more than just having a website. The modern customer expects 24/7 availability, features such as order and delivery notifications, post-sale warranty support and service. This is why we develop highly scalable and integrated online sales platforms, which meet and exceed these expectations.

Our e-commerce platforms support:
chatbots, communicators and messengers for delivering the best customer service experience
integrations with latest online and mobile payment platforms, in order to provide the most convenient purchase experience
text message (SMS) notifications for providing dual-authentication verification and to provide order updates
highly automated warranty and RMA systems, in order to deliver exceptional post-sale experience

Integrations - one of ours e-commerce development services

what integrations can we provide?

We’ve integrated our applications with numerous external platforms, from mobile payment systems to inventory management systems, logistics platforms and delivery services.

Recent integrations include:

  • Tpay
  • Raty Santander
  • Leasing Leaslink
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoins Inpay
  • Comarch ERP XL
  • Raty BGŻ
  • DHL
  • Inpost Paczkomaty
  • Dotpay multimerchant
  • PayU

Technologies used for e-commerce development

check our tech stack

Every day we utilize proven technologies, such as Drupal CMS, Magento, Laravel and Vue. These technologies allow us to create scalable, tailor-made solutions for SMEs and large enterprises.

Nonstandard e-commerce web solutions?

we’ll code it!

Custom modules for Drupal, Magento and their integrations with:

  • sales channels
  • marketing platforms
  • CRM systems
  • logistics platforms
  • inventory management
  • billing
  • support channels
  • and more

Our Clients

hundreds of real success stories
Mateusz Tomczak
Marketing specialist / VELO

They are good at establishing a strong business relationship with customers.

Łukasz Filut
Director of IT / WSB

The partnership approach of Smartbees makes our cooperation an effective and pleasant one. That is why we do not hesitate to contract out new assignments to them.

Tomasz Zbierski
Director of IT / TAI

Smartbees performed a giant experience in Drupal CMS system and helped us to modernize our tender service.

E-commerce development process

cooperation with Smartbees in 10 steps
Our contact

Whether through email, phone call or the online „project estimate” form, you let us know the scope of the project and your requirements. Timeframe: 3 minutes!

Contact from our sales team
Our contact

During the same working day, we will contact you either via email message or phone call to find out more about your project.

Contact with the sales team

We will prepare and send you the offer. How long does it take? It depends on the size of the project.

Contact with the sales team

If our proposal meets your expectations, we can send it immediately.

Contact with the sales team

We are developing the project in line with your specifications. We will contact you to be assured that we are on the right way to fulfil your needs and turn your ideas into reality.

Contact with the development team

After finishing our development work, we will precisely test the code to be sure that it runs on all cylinders.

Contact with the development team

After the test phase is finished, we will provide you with the comprehensive documentation describing our work and internal functioning of the modules. It would be helpful in the future in case of further updates and development of the project.

Contact with the development team

It is almost done! Now it is the time to deliver the project with appropriate documentation. During this stage, we will either implement the project on your server or help your team in this process- depends on your preferences.

Contact with the development team

After implementation is done, it is always worth to check whether all the functions are just working fine. Certainly, we will execute this for you.

Contact with the development team

Our services are covered with 30-days, free of charge technical support. If you want to prolonge the validity, fell free to contact us.

Contact with the development team

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